R. K. Anand

R K Anand is noted for his legal expertise and has come to be associated with many a high-profile legal cases of the country. To speak the truth, he is not only famous and affable, soft-spoken advocate India has produced, he is also a sensitive individual and a great Khukhrain to achieve quite a lot in legal arena. Born on March 15, 1943 in New Delhi to Late R L Anand, he is a practicing senior lawyer in civil and criminal matters. Married to Bharti Anand, who is also an advocate, he is a B.Sc. and LL.B. The couple is blessed with two sons, Dr. Tapeshwar Anand, a practicing doctor and director of a nursing home in London. The other son, Mr Chetanya Anand followed his parents and joined legal arena. At present, he is practicing in Delhi courts.

Ganga Sagar Suri

Ganga Sagar Suri International President All India Khshatriya Khukhrain Sabha hails from a philanthropist family of Rawalpinidi, now in Pakistan. In an illustrious pantheon of his forefathers, his grand-father, Lala Bodh Raj Shah Suri was not only a large-hearted person known far and wide for his generosity, but he was also popular nationalist figure during Independence struggle. Following in the footsteps of his illustrious father, his father Udho Ram Suri was also a great patriot of India. No wonder,. G Sagar inherited much of ideals from his forefathers and acquired reputation in nationalistic virtues and noble habits. In wake of bloody partition of Indian sub-continent in 1947, family moved over to national capital of India.